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I am 21 years old and have ED (had it all my life)?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
May 27 2014

21 year old male 5’10 150 lbs I’m in good shape exercise often i have smoked cigaretts but not too many i drink once every other week and i do smoke marijuana but only about as often as i drink. My diet is pretty healthy for a college student. This has been happening since i can remember, and when i was with my first girl at 16 i still had the same problem. I dont know if i have ED or what but whenever im with a girl i can’t get hard just kissing her or touching her but most of the time oral sex will get me hard enough to penetrate. I often loose my erection easily . I can’t get it up when i watch porn either i have to touch myself for a long time and often i dont get hard before i ejaculate. I really would like to be able to get hard quicker. I have thought about going to the doctor but i am under my parents insurance and am worried about the ackwardness of it showing up. I also am not even sure how to get a doctor because i am away at college and don’t have a doctor here. I have tried cialis and viagra and both worked the first time… after using viagra a few times it didnt work it just speeds up my heart a lot. I dont know what to do i want this problem fixed so i can have a normal life and relationship. Thanks (any advice on what i should do is great)

Chosen Answer:

I call Bull DUNG!
Never discussed with a Dr.? Then you were not using prescription cialis and viagra.
Obtain a diagnosis. A 21 year old should know what an insurance statement looks like!
They do list the Dr. conversation. This is made up B.S.! Away at College – B.S again – the University has a Dr.’s office on Campus!!!

You need a psychologist. The College has that also!!!!
by: Exec Pot Head
on: 22nd October 10

Survey for men who use Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Jul 21 2013

I’m a student interested in learning about Viagra for an advertising class. If you have experience with ED (erectile dysfunction), can you fill this survey out to the best of your ability? It’s totally anonymous, I’m just trying to understand the market better.
Thanks :)

How long did you experience ED before seeking treatment?
When (year, your age) did you begin using Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra?
Where did you hear about your options for treating ED? What did you consider before deciding on Viagra?
Why did you start using Viagra? Was it for occasional or consistent erectile dysfunction?
Have you tried other medications (Cialis, Levitra, etc.)?
Do you still use it?
How did you discuss erectile dysfunction with your partner?
How did you discuss erectile dysfunction with your doctor?
Were you embarrassed? Did you feel like ED was your fault and not a medical issue?
What fears did you have about ED? About discussing it with your partner and doctor? How long did you take to seek medical treatment?
How did Viagra help you? How did it hinder you? Did you experience side effects?
Are you married, divorced, dating, one-night standing, etc.?
Do you have children, how old are they?
Any other relevant info related to your use of Viagra.
Who are you? (Age, ethnicity, job sector, voting affiliation, general location, anything else that describes you)

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on: 1st January 70

I am 23 and I am wondering if I take cialis will it be okay?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Jan 23 2012

I am 23 no health problems and I am considering taking a cialis for the purpose of a sexual encounter. Will I be okay? Should I take a whole pill or a half?

Chosen Answer:

I am a college student, but I take cialis once in a while. I’m not exactly someone who needs cialis but I thought I would try it because many of my friends have told me how great it is. I can normally come three times, one after the other, and once more if I really make an effort but when I took the cialis I could come 7 times without any problem at all. I do not have any script for cialis either, me and my friends purchase cialis through reputable UK http://www.pompharmacy.com drugstore. I take 10mg tablet, it is enough for me. Also, splitting higher dosage pills is a pain in the butt, but it does really save you big money. I do it and it does pay off. You can just order 20mg pills and cut them in half. I am in a good physical shape, so i’m not afraid taking cialis, but if you are not sure, talk to a doctor first.
on: 28th November 10