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Where can low-price cialis be bought from?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Dec 19 2013

i’m looking for not too expensive cialis either a UK shop or the web x

Chosen Answer:

Cialis can only be purchased legally with a doctors prescription. If you try and buy without there is no guarantee what you will get.

If you have certain medical conditions you are entitled to NHS prescriptions. Diabetes, M.S. etc.

Your doctor can give you a Private prescription and if you have one online pharmacies like pharmacy2u are cheaper than your local chemist, about £22-25 a pack of 4.

Viagra is in the process of going over the counter in UK, but it is currently only available from Boots branches in Manchester.
by: Dr Frank
on: 21st March 07

Plz Tel Me the Exact Name in Homeopathy medicines for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Jan 29 2012

Please tel me the exact name of the medicine for Erectile Dysfunction which I can get it in a Medical Shop or at a homeopathy Shop . Plz Which have no side effects OR If we get the better Herbal Medicine in Herbal care Plz Tel me where we get that medicine in Hyderabad And And Plz Tel me Ur Id where I can contact U .Thank You .

Chosen Answer:

instead of homeopathy…why not try ayurveda.ther is sumthing called as vigomax forte…availabel at any leading medical stores…..but….this erectile dysfunction can be permanently cured by some valuable exercises!! plz refer the website below!! remember,medicine wil just help u temporarily!…keep fit and preform longer!!
by: dickatool
on: 22nd May 10