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Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Mar 06 2012

This may sound weird but I am serious. I don’t have a dysfunction as in I can’t get it up the problem is I can’t get it down. When me and my Fiancee have sex I’ll last for about 20 minutes and more if we foreplay but after I ejaculate it doesn’t seem to soften. It will stay hard for about another 10-15 minutes without sex.

Is this a problem? I am serious because all my pals say it doesn’t happen for them so it had me thinking. Also should I just continue with sex after I finish I assume my Fiancee won’t mind lol.

Is it a problem? I know it has it’s perks and I am very serious with this question because knowbody I know has this happening to them so it has to be abnormal in a way.

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