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If you take a 10mg cialis tablet and then drink the next night.. can that can kill a human?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Apr 12 2012

im just curious because im taking this 10mg cialis pill b4 i see her… n then the next night.. im thinking if i should drink.. but i know taking pills n mixing alcohol can do a major effect to the human body.. wat do use think?

Chosen Answer:

Only if you impale her in an alcoholic horny rage!
by: disgovernment
on: 26th August 08

Is there a cure for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Feb 04 2012

I cannot sustain an erection and the erection such as it is is not very hard. I also have hypertension and wonder if medication for erectile dysfunction can be harmful considering that I would be mixing different medicines. I don’t particularly want to contact my doctor about this condition

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on: 6th October 10