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Erectile dysfunction at a young age?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Feb 18 2014

i have had Erectile Dysfunction ever since i was 13 years old. i am 26 now. the first time i ever had sex i couldn’t even stay erect long enough for penetration. i have gone soft doing it solo as well. My Wife is the only person i have ever been able to have sex with and actually finish the job. its never worked with anyone else. i never have a problem getting an erection, but i often am not able to maintain one. i have a condition called P.O.T.S. simply put my heart beats faster then it Suppose to and also causes Hypertension. for these reasons male enhancement medications are out of the question. and from what i read Hypertension can cause ED so it might be related. i also had a terrible back injury when i was just 13 years old. also another thing that could be a factor here. anyways My wife is loosing interest in sex because it is somewhat of a chore with my issue. My sex drive is high in spite of my problem. and that makes it very frustrating. We have tried many different things. even Prostate Milking. it helped a little. but not enough. there is one product that worked but it worked a little to well. LifeStyles brand condoms makes an Ultra sensitive Condom. this thing worked. what usually takes 30+ mins with a struggle took less then 2 mins. but the issue with this is it was to fast. it happened so quickly that my Climax wasn’t really a Climax. it pretty much took most of the pleasure out of an ejaculation. made it feel like more of a muscle spasm then anything else. and that’s no good. but my experience in using this ultra sensitive Condom has given me a little hope that perhaps there is some sort of Sensitizing lube or something that i can use down there to make things worka little better. this ultra sensitive condom proved to be to much. so something in between my normal and that would be pretty good i would think. but i haven’t really found anything. i have tried a few different lubes and nothing seems to help. My wife gets pretty Wet down stairs, most lubes end up taking way to much friction away which makes the issue worse. i need to feel more down there, not less. got any ideas?

Chosen Answer:

YET AGAIN he’s pasted that damned “Article”

Why don’t you just ask your doctor if a change to your hypertension medications would be possible and if it would help you with your problem
on: 16th November 12

ED Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and livitra, which is better?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Jan 23 2013

I was wondering which drug is best, for someone in their early 40′s. I”ve taken cialis but get a headache for 1 day after, but i’m willing do deal with it, to please my girl. I also heard that with viagra you get an even harder erection, but that you sometimes can’t ejaculate… If anyone can tell me any other bad side effects theyve gotten with viagra. With viagra after you finish, does your penis still remain erect?

Chosen Answer:

The main difference between Viagra and Cialis is how long they last in your system. Cialis lasts much longer, which is why you had the headache the next day. Viagra lasts just a few hours, so the headache is limited in duration, if you get one at all. Some people take a Tylenol with it. There is little difference in the side effects between the drugs, but each may effect you differently. You could also try the third drug, Levitra.

You may also have the dosage wrong. A smaller dose can work well, especially if your erections were decent anyway. Sometimes men exagerate how bad their erections are with their MD because they want the prescription, and end up with a dose that’s too big. As little as 1/4 of a 50 mg Viagra might work for you.

Good luck
by: perkins j
on: 15th March 07

Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Mar 06 2012

This may sound weird but I am serious. I don’t have a dysfunction as in I can’t get it up the problem is I can’t get it down. When me and my Fiancee have sex I’ll last for about 20 minutes and more if we foreplay but after I ejaculate it doesn’t seem to soften. It will stay hard for about another 10-15 minutes without sex.

Is this a problem? I am serious because all my pals say it doesn’t happen for them so it had me thinking. Also should I just continue with sex after I finish I assume my Fiancee won’t mind lol.

Is it a problem? I know it has it’s perks and I am very serious with this question because knowbody I know has this happening to them so it has to be abnormal in a way.

Chosen Answer:

on: 1st January 70

Is my partner taking Viagra or cialis or something similar? What signs do I look for?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Jan 16 2012

He is 51 years old. He never seems to ejaculate, but stays fairly firm from start to finish. He likes to use amyl nitrate,(poppers) which I know is dangerous with those drugs. He says he does not take viagra, etc. Are there other signs I can look for? his face gets very red(flushed?) He always preplans sexual interaction.

Chosen Answer:

You can never really find that out before you find some real evidence – packaging of viagra, a pill, or he tells you.
Viagra does not work good after high fat meals for some people , so feed him with something like that when he has planned to have sex. Also just insist that you are horny and want to have sex when he has not planned it, , then you can see if there is a problem and he wont be able to deny it. But don’t you think if he hides it he wont feel happy that he knows that you’ve figured it out??
by: Jeremy
on: 20th September 07