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On the CIALIS commercial, why does it end with the couple in separate bath tubs?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Mar 01 2013

What’s the significance of the two bath tubs? Does the FCC or some regulation state that two people can’t be seen in a bath tub together on TV?

Chosen Answer:

who ever heard of bathtubs on a beach anyway. I agree this is dumb commercial. You are probably right the FCC controls nudity. At one time they couldn’t show a couple in bed together. Even married couples had to have twin beds
by: Doris
on: 27th December 10

Dumb question, but why do the emails I receive trying to sell me viagra or cialis always have words misspelled?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Jan 31 2012

I receive a lot of these emails and they are all like that. I never open them and mark them as spam but they keep coming back.

Chosen Answer:

because of yahoo censorship .
by: Ali Salamat
on: 26th September 08