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I lose my erection during penetration ? HELP!!!?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Apr 17 2014

I can get hard during four play and oral but I easily lose my erection once i start penetrating , the blood leaves my penis way too easily, i don’t even get those raging boners anymore, watching a nice porn movie or hot girl on tv and im only 18!!!

My friend said something about a venous leak or something like that and recommended trying viagra or cialis one time to try to regain my confidence.

Should I try it?

BTW I masturbate like 3+ times a day and haven’t had sex in almost a year just been wacking it everyday and now I’m starting to have sex again ..

Chosen Answer:

you have only one problem, I’m willing to bet…..you like whacking it better than you like partner sex. Common ailment in the US…and this is especially true if you have been using porn. The real thing is never as exciting as visuals with a good imagination. It’s called porn addiction, very common. Viagra or Cialis will probalby help, but will not help the root of the problem…suggest you stop the masturbating all together (on occasion, fine). And let’s face it, if you’re whacking it 3 times a day, no wonder you don’t have the drive to keep it up. Give yourself a break, face common sense and do what you want to do..I gave you the tools, it’s up to you do use them if you want. Good luck, GW
by: goldwing
on: 10th October 12

does steroid use cause permanent fertility issues?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Mar 16 2013

my bf just recently confessed that he used to use steroids. he does not anymore. he is seeing a urologist because he has been having erectile dysfunction (which they think is brought on my using steroids). he can not keep hard all the time. my bf is in his late 20′s and we want to have babies soon. is the erectile dysfunction (keeping hard) a permanent side effect? will it affect his fertility permanently if he has stopped using? if it is temporary how long does it take for everything to go back to normal?

Chosen Answer:

He have erectile dysfunction because of his lack of education with steroids. After each steroids cycle, the user need to do what’s called a PCT (post cycle therapy) it’s a must do, it restore your natural testosterone and help you keep most of your muscle gain. Without it, it’s obvious that he will have some problem with keeping it hard. When a cycle is done properly, something like that never happen. Actually that’s the other way around.
No this won’t affect his fertility permanently! The sperm production is affected during cycles (and again with knowledge of use you can limit that) but the production is even better after the PCT. The good news is that even if he didn’t do PCT (like I’m sure he didn’t) his body will restore all that, but without the PCT it take way more time and you can have some dysfunction. Even if he didn’t use steroids, but maybe more abused them, everything will go back to normal. Side effects from steroids are reversible with an adult male, not with teens or women.

My only advice is for you guys is to talk to your doctor about PCT. Your BF can use Clomid and Gonanotropin to make sure his testicle get back into work. It will help also with the erectile dysfunction. He can also use legal supplement like Tribulus, this can only be beneficial for him.
by: PersonalTrainer
on: 25th May 12

Why is she so stupid when it comes to relationships?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Nov 24 2012

A co-worker or mine is in a committed relationship. She has recently been cheated on by him, and she kept him around. Now I get to hear her belly ache about how her bf does’nt want to kiss or have sex anymore. And that he supposedly has erectile dysfunction at age 22, with no history of such.

Despite all the red flags, she still accepts this nonsense. I just dont get it. And I can’t convince her otherwise. So now what??

Chosen Answer:

If you care about this co-worker then just bring it up with her. Obviously she deserves better.
Otherwise, if she is unwilling to listen then just leave it alone. Eventually this man will dump her because he isn’t interested or she will come to her senses and dump him. Sure it will probably hurt her more but don’t waste your breath on someone unwilling to listen. She will learn through her mistakes at some point.
by: WalrusHugs
on: 4th December 09

Is it possible for a 17 year old to have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Oct 12 2012

It’s happened more than once when ive been with girls. I didnt bang my ex cause i wasnt hard enough to get it in, and the same thing happened a few says ago w/ another girl. Wtf =[
Don’t smoke pot anymore, but i have been drinking lately.. A lot more then i should. And its liquor not beer.. Difference?

Chosen Answer:

you’re nervous bro. happens to everyone… just get to know each other more, take it slow, and TRY not to worry too much about your preformance, just pay attention to the feeling and try to enjoy yourself, tell the girl what feels good for you and what turns you on. you have a lot on your mind probably and want to preform good. just relax, it takes time and practice..trust me i had the same problem when i was your age, and it still happens sometimes, if im nervous or have a lot on my mind…youre afraid of the failure, and that it will happen again. tell the girl, if she has more than 1 brain cell she’ll be understanding. try to get a girlfriend so you can practice together. dont go banging all the chicks. keep that for later. good luck !!
by: Whois
on: 7th February 12

How can I give myself erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Aug 01 2012

I get random embarassing boners 10-25 times a day and i am 20 years old i am not in puberty anymore. How can i just make it so it never happens period, no boner even if i wanted one? Is there a medication or surgery? I really would appreciate help because it is ruining my life and giving me tons of stress. All answers appreciated!

Chosen Answer:

Think of mowing the grass, playing golf, normally something that is relaxing.
Hit the hot tub a few times.
by: gregfocker19
on: 25th October 10

I’m a 19 year old man and I often wake up with erections. Is this a sign of Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction | Posted by Admin
Jan 21 2012

I’m not talking about when I have wet dreams, (I don’t get them anymore). But I often wake up with an erection, and sometimes it doesn’t go down for about 5 minutes.

Is this a sign of erectile dysfunction?

Should I be worried about this?

Thank you.

Chosen Answer:

No. I think most guys do. My boyfriend and all my male friends do, as far as I’m aware it’s quite normal. I think it’s something to do with your blood flow at night or something.

It’s a morning glory lol.
by: RachaelMod
on: 13th September 09

Can a man with a penile implant that does not work anymore, still get an erection using viagra or cialis?

Cialis | Posted by Admin
Nov 16 2011

The implant I received no longer works and I can’t afford a replacement at present. Would the meds like viagra, cialis, or enzyte work?

Chosen Answer:

Hi there sorry for your troubles. Penile implants do vary depending what time period they are inserted. If removed, erections will not be possible. Viagra and the other related drugs can enhance the erection giving more pleasure to the person with a functioning implant but will not give the desired erection with a nonfuctioning implant. Enzyte does not work. It is an over the counter supplement and includes a disclaimer and is not regulated by the FDA. I think they are tied up in litigation at this time. May you acquire the money you need to get a new implant. Things will improve for you.
by: firestarter
on: 4th September 07