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How would I market a easy local product for erectile dysfunction? | ED Help Blog


How would I market a easy local product for erectile dysfunction?

Posted by Admin
Jun 07 2012

I am 68 years old and have across a wonderful product that can be bought local, that works for ED. How could I maket this information?The product is safe and is actually recommended by Doctors.

Chosen Answer:

put it on the internet
by: Shaun T
on: 11th October 08

4 Responses

  1. uknudy says:

    Post the information on the internet in forums, maybe make a graphic video of how it works and post it on youtube!
    Are you trying to just inform people, or sell it?
    I don’t need it yet, but you can tell me (I am not much younger than you) but don’t tell anybody!!!

  2. Shaun T says:

    put it on the internet

  3. livewire9 says:

    try this question in category “local business”…

    good luck

  4. BearBareOne says:

    Get two DR’s in your area to do a double blind trial study ans endorse the product themselves so it has credibility in your neighborhood.
    Then take pictures before/after and use them to post on a website along with positive comments from people that have used them. also website should be able to handle credit card processing (merchant id) and advertising, as well as discrete shipping with some sort of guarantee so they know you stand behind your claims.
    With proper keywords in browsers you should be able to route traffic to your site. Think of giving something away with the first order. People love free stuff.

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