Can your normal doctor prescribe you Viagra or Cialis?

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Apr 18 2014

I have a lot of problems with my penis and went to the urologist who was referred to by my family doctor. He then told me he can prescribe me some viagra or cialis but i declined. Right now i am regretting that. The thing is it takes like 2 weeks to schedule an appointment with him and i doubt i can see him again. I only want to see him for the pills.

I can see my regular doctor anytime and usually i see him at the office, i only have to wait at most 45 minutes. He has prescribed me pills before for things like cream etc but can someone tell me if a regular doctor is allowed to prescribe Viagra to you?

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Yes he can. Don’t try to buy it online because there is no certainty that you’re getting what you pay for.
by: doctor
on: 12th October 09

19 with erectile dysfunction. Help!?

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Apr 17 2014

I am 19 years old and just recently started getting serious with my girlfriend. But I cannot, for the life of me, get an erection. Maintaining it isn’t the problem, it’s GETTING it. Nothing works. I can’t even masturbate. I have recently gone through a lot of stress with losing a friend, and I’m thinking that has something to do with it. I haven’t been eating as much either ever since the stress started. But this is just adding to things! Any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

Jeff, is this a new physicial event, i.e., the erectile dysfunction? In the past have you been able to become erect via masturbation and/or intimacy with a partner? If your answer is yes, I am thinking the stress you are feeling from the loss of your friend may be attributing to your inability to attain an erection.

First of all, I would be honest with your girlfriend. If she isn’t understanding, see her to the door. In the meantime, you need to figure out a way to relieve your stress and work through the loss of your friend. You could try aerobic exercise (biking, running, swimming, stairclimbing, etc.), weight lifting, yoga, and/or journaling your feelings everyday—even if you don’t write anything that seems overly profound—just start jotting down your thoughts and feelings everyday.

I am sure this phase will pass, but give it time and but be gentle with yourself. If after 3-6 months you are still unable to get an erection, you are going to want to check in with your family physician. But I do feel that more than likely, this too shall pass and things will begin “looking up” again soon. Hang in there!
by: DTKB
on: 30th July 12

I lose my erection during penetration ? HELP!!!?

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Apr 17 2014

I can get hard during four play and oral but I easily lose my erection once i start penetrating , the blood leaves my penis way too easily, i don’t even get those raging boners anymore, watching a nice porn movie or hot girl on tv and im only 18!!!

My friend said something about a venous leak or something like that and recommended trying viagra or cialis one time to try to regain my confidence.

Should I try it?

BTW I masturbate like 3+ times a day and haven’t had sex in almost a year just been wacking it everyday and now I’m starting to have sex again ..

Chosen Answer:

you have only one problem, I’m willing to bet… like whacking it better than you like partner sex. Common ailment in the US…and this is especially true if you have been using porn. The real thing is never as exciting as visuals with a good imagination. It’s called porn addiction, very common. Viagra or Cialis will probalby help, but will not help the root of the problem…suggest you stop the masturbating all together (on occasion, fine). And let’s face it, if you’re whacking it 3 times a day, no wonder you don’t have the drive to keep it up. Give yourself a break, face common sense and do what you want to do..I gave you the tools, it’s up to you do use them if you want. Good luck, GW
by: goldwing
on: 10th October 12

I am taking Concor 10, thus it cause erectile dysfunction?

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Apr 16 2014

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And you’re wanting to know what to do to reverse that side effect?

Natural for erectile dysfunction: ginseng, damaina root/leaves, goldenseal. Yohimbee bark.
by: Nemesis: Your worst nightmare
on: 19th December 06

What over the counter med can help with erectile dysfunction ?

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Apr 15 2014

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You should talk to your doctor about this, because erectile dysfunction can be related to circulation issues. It can also be related to stress, or testosterone levels.
by: Michael Lawton
on: 13th June 12

What to ask a doctor to get ed medication?

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Apr 14 2014

Hi everybody.I was wondering what exactly to say to a doctor to get some viagra or cialis.I have been suffering from ed for about three years now and have always been ordering my stuff online,but i have heard too many horror stories about the ingredients.
Right now i am just afraid to say the wrong things to the doc and he will not prescribe me what i need.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Just describe your symptoms (I can’t get it up) and ask for Viagra or Cialis. He’ll probably give you it. This isn’t like a narcotic, which some doctors are cautious about prescribing.

If he is good, he will ask you about your symptoms and suggest other, non-drug solutions, screen you for impotence causing medical problems. (If he does this, it is a GOOD thing…and he probably won’t bother. It’s easier to give you the stuff than argue with you.)
by: MagnusMoss
on: 20th April 11

Do erectile dysfunction medications like Cialis and Viagra become less effective over time?

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Apr 13 2014

I am a 76 year old man who began using ED medication five years ago. The first one prescribed by my doctor was Viagra. Upon first taking it, it was remarkably effective. It soon became less and less effective, and my doctor switched me to Cialis. This was no better. At this time it is only slightly better than not taking it at all. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a “fade” in the effectivenessof their ED medication. What, if anything, can be done about it? I am in excellent health. As yet, I have not discussed this with my doctor. The honest experiences of other users of ED medication would be appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

I am 67 and have found it to be true. I am presently using Caverject or Edex. They are both injection type devices that allow you to maintain a very hard erection for up to four hours. I know sticking a needle in your penis sounds very painful, but it is no worse then a shot in the arm; maybe less because the needle is very small. You could also try the vacumn pump which is another option for us older guys.
by: pqrama
on: 19th September 06

Best cure erectile dysfunction?

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Apr 12 2014

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you might try an organic tincture of an herb called horny goat weed

the film forks over knives pointed out erectile dysfunction is often an early sign of upcoming plague on arteries and heart disease.

People who went on Dr Esselstyn program in his study found that even when old, they had no problems that they attributed to their whole food vegan diet.

I would look into that to help prevent heart diseas which may be starting

For erections etc I think this is said to be powerful

the male formula click on product information and then be sure to click on each orange tabs (3) at the top of the popup

more on this formula here I think you might find this of interest

by: janie
on: 3rd July 12

Is it ok to start using cialis or Viagra from 30s?

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Apr 12 2014

I am a 31 year old guy and I dont have very strong erections, well as long as I stimulate my penis, I have erection but if I dont, I usually lose erection, or in changing positions in sex, I lose erection, or its difficult to wear condoms cause again I will lose erection..

Is it ok to try a small dozage of Cialis or Viagra?
Will I lose my natural power of getting erection?
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Chosen Answer:

I think this is something you should talk to your doctor about, You really need to get the proper medical information on this.
by: carol m
on: 13th October 13

I just swallowed a cialis pill, im only 18..?

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Apr 12 2014

I was just messing around with my uncles cabinet, and i saw cialis pills. I showed my friend and he dared me to swallow one. I wasnt going to, i put on it my mouth and was going to pretend to do it then spit it out. But when i drank water down it accidently slipped through and now its in me. What should i do? Should i go to the ER or just wait it out?

Chosen Answer:

That wasn’t a good idea; stay out of your uncle’s cabinet.

You might also send your friend home.

Later today, you may be in an emergency room with an erection.

by: Unknown
on: 21st February 11